• The application for over the side heaters varies greatly from simply water heating or freeze protection to some more complex setup such as viscosity control for oil or wax products that require a steady flow.
  • The type of uncommon substances that these heaters are used for include paraffin, solvent, salt or other caustic solutions. The application for paraffin is of a particular interest in heating up the lamination wax.
  • One of the difficulties in wax heating for lamination was the use of a conventional heater that couldn’t keep up with the wax requirement for consistent heating and the non uniformity of wax in the process. Using the over the side heater, the laminating wax can maintain the maximum temperature with a constant viscosity and a uniform thickness of the lamination of wax.
  • Another fascinating application involving over the side heaters is solvent degreasing.
  • The over the side heater is best suited for the process because the heat transfer is immediate and the temperature can be controlled to the point that no more heat is used than absolutely necessary. 

Features & Benefits

  • Rugged and light weight construction
  • Hairpins are re-compressed (re-compacted) which maintains Mgo density and dielectric strength, heat transfer and heater life
  • Integral thermowells, thermostats and thermocouples as per specification
  • Terminal enclosures (moisture resistant, corrosion resistant or explosion proof )
  • Portable, durable, easy to install and maintan
  • Sludge legs to keep element above sediments.