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    Metalworking And Casting

    Electric heating prior to metalworking is well accepted in the forging and extrusion industries. It is readily adapted through preheating of steels, aluminum alloys and specialty metals such as titanium and nickel base alloys. The work pieces in this type of application consist of round, square or round cornered square bar stock. For steels, the high heating rates of electric heaters minimize scale and hence metal losses. The rapid heating boosts the production rates.

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    Building & Construction

    Heaters find application in many types of equipment used in the building and construction industry. vPime motto of our products is to provide perfect solution through equipments so as to provide regulatory and soothing services in building. Energy efficient products in this market not only improve the standard of living of the people but also make the equipment a common name in every household. Some of the applications in use in this sector are:

     Hot water temperature maintenance

     Freeze and snow protection on surface

     Frost heave prevention

     Pipe freeze protection

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    Automobile Manufacturing

    Electric heating is used as thermosetting adhesives for making certain automobile parts, such as clutch plates and break shoes. As in paint curing, heating of the metal parts to curing temperatures can be an excellent means of adhesive rapid bonding. Metal to nonmetal seals, widely used in vacuum devices also rely heavily on Marathon Tempsens heaters for efficient heating.

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    Rubber Industries

    MARATHON HEATER (INDIA) PVT. LTD. component heaters deliver the ideal solutions regarding speed and performance problems in vacuum press, gaskets, boots and injection molding in the rubber industry. Your rubber injection molding problems can be permanently solved through our expert technical team and heating systems. Also our heaters have been consistently used in the plates of the press used in rubber compression.